What are the term deposit rates for the commonwealth bank?

Fees %26 commissions; 3 months. Fees and Fees · Accessibility at CommBank · Search, Support and FAQs Feel confident that you know exactly how much your money is going to earn. Set a competitive interest rate from as little as 1 month to 5 years. Save time using your NetBank data.

Call or visit your nearest branch. Personal, SMSF and renovation company customers can access this special offer online through NetBank and the CommBank app, or visit the nearest branch. Business customers should contact their relationship manager or visit the nearest branch to open a new term deposit with the special offer. With our term deposit, if you don't need immediate access to these funds, you can be sure to set a fixed rate of return, giving you greater peace of mind.

You can choose from a variety of terms to suit your needs. From 1 month to 5 years. View, control and manage your term deposit together with your other accounts in NetBank, CommBiz and the CommBank app. Once your term deposit expires, if you forget to tell us what to do with your investment or haven't decided yet, we'll keep your funds safe in our hold system for up to six months.

If you do not provide instructions, the funds will automatically be placed in the default term deposit retention mechanism. The portfolio system obtains a fixed interest rate, which may be lower than the rate offered for a fixed term. There are no setup or establishment fees. If you want to withdraw your term deposit before it expires, you must notify us 31 days in advance.

You may incur an advance interest payment, an adjustment and an administrative fee. The fixed rate of return means that you'll always know how much your investment is worth and you can plan how to use the interest earned. Sign up for alerts and we'll send you an email or SMS one week before your term deposit is due, so you never miss your due date. Sign up for electronic announcements and replace the clutter of paper announcements.

Check out old NetBank announcements and we'll send you an email when a new one is available. Proactively renew your term deposit for another term to set a new interest rate immediately. You can also top it up with additional funds or withdraw part of your term deposit. Withdraw all your investment, including the interest you've earned.

Place your money in our holding center while you decide what to do. If you don't give us instructions, your money will be deposited in our holding center until you tell us what you want to do. Your money will continue to generate a variable interest rate that is paid weekly. See how to manage the maturity of your term deposit in NetBank (opens on YouTube).

Send us a message on the CommBank app or call us to connect to the right help. Get instant help from our virtual assistant or contact a specialist. Look for support and our most frequently asked questions. Find a branch, ATM or specialist near you.

The target market for this product can be found in the Determination of the target market for the product, available here. The interest rates offered may change at any time without notice. CommBank recognizes traditional land owners across Australia as the continuous guardians of the country and culture. We pay our respect to First Nations peoples and their elders, past and present.

View all term deposit rates (PDF) There are no establishment or establishment fees. The following rates apply to funds in the term deposit holding line. When your funds are in the withholding mechanism, they are renewed at a fixed interest rate every seven days until we receive your withdrawal or reinvestment instructions for an agreed fixed term of one month or more. You can give us instructions at any time, once you decide what you want to do.

If you reinvest on a day that is not an interest payment date, the new term will start from the last interest payment date. If funds are withdrawn before the next interest payment date, no interest is paid on funds deposited in the withholding system during the current seven-day interest period. If your fixed-term deposit remains in the holding center for more than 26 weeks, we will automatically renew it as a 1-month rolling term deposit at the then-announced exchange rate. The fixed rate of return means that you'll always know how much your investment is worth and you can plan how to use your profits.

View, control and manage your term deposit, along with your other accounts, on NetBank. Sign up and we'll send you an email, SMS, or a notification at NetBank before your term deposit expires. So you can let us know if you want to flip it, remove it or make a combination of both. The CBA responds to the Reserve Bank of Australia's cash rate decision.

Following the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) decision on the cash rate, the CBA will increase variable interest rates on mortgage loans by 0.50% per annum (p, a. The CBA will also increase interest rates for the following deposit products:. Customers can estimate how much their home loan repayments can increase using the home loan repayment calculator. We have a variety of support materials available to customers, including tips for customers to manage their home loans in an environment of rising rates.

Customers who are falling behind schedule or think they might be late paying off their home loans can send us a message to contact our financial assistance solutions team. We also encourage customers to talk to us about how we can support them through our extensive network of lending specialists. Commonwealth Bank (CBA) is Australia's largest bank and operates internationally with companies in New Zealand, Asia and the United Kingdom. CBA offers a full range of commercial and retail banking services including mortgage loans, credit cards, personal loans, term deposits, transaction accounts and auto insurance.

Are you thinking of making a term deposit with Commonwealth Bank? Use our term deposit calculator to see how much you can earn in different investment scenarios. You can also see how Commonwealth Bank's term deposits compare to other options. The final balance at the end of the quarter would be. Very low interest rates and term deposit period.

You can get better deals at other banks. The most disappointing thing is that I have found that the Commonwealth Bank has given me the best advice on term deposits when it comes to term length and interest rates to maximize my investment gains. My main problem is that it depends largely on the person I'm dealing with. Once, someone gave me so much nerve when I asked them to match the term deposit rate, and then she freaked out when I asked her to withdraw my money because it was obviously more than she thought I had.

But other times I haven't had problems. It's also a bit annoying that money doesn't get into an account, you have to physically log in to open a new one. The largest and most reliable during the pandemic. Commonwealth Bank is reliable and setup is simple for most accounts.

However, interest rates aren't as competitive. I don't think I can be satisfied with a bank that offers close to 0% interest on saved deposits. But they certainly win when it comes to the customer service department. Practical bench for most locations and one of the best known and most reliable banks.

They hide interest rates from you, they're very hard to find, not to mention they're incredibly low. I like my term deposit account and the CBA staff always explain everything to me. I have to have a little better customer service, but overall it's not bad. This bank provided me with the highest possible rate for as long as I wanted and gave me a very good return, so I was happy.

Like everything, read the documentation and make sure you fully understand it, as banking jargon can be difficult to understand at times. They are not at all competitive with their rates. We used to use them 4 or 5 years ago, and even when we showed how much better the competitors' rates were, they didn't match them, so we turned to other institutions that offered good rates. I would like to have more communication when the term is maturing.

Different interest rates apply to different amounts or different interest payment frequencies. Do you want more? Compare the 84 term deposits in the Mozo comparison engine. We help thousands of Australians every month choose a bank, energy or insurance provider. The terms, conditions, exclusions, limits and sub-limits may apply to any of the insurance products shown on the Mozo website.

These terms, conditions, exclusions, limits and sub-limits could affect the level of benefits and coverage available in any of the insurance products shown on the Mozo website. See the applicable product disclosure statement and the determination of the target market on the supplier's website for more information before making any decision about an insurance product. Commonwealth Bank's term deposit offers a wide variety of terms and interest rates, so it could be a good option whether you're looking to quickly increase your savings or store long-term savings. The Commonwealth Bank term deposit gives you the option to pay your interest every 28 days, every six months, annually, or at maturity, depending on the length of your term.

This term deposit also has an automatic renewal option for customers who want to extend their term beyond the expiration date. Rates of up to 2.50% are offered, depending on the amount of your deposit and how long you want to keep it. I have found that the Commonwealth Bank has given me the best advice on term deposits in terms of term length and interest rates to maximize my investment gains. .


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